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Abigail O'bryan

Why hello!

If you want a quick line to satisfy a vague curiosity… 

I write strong women, deep characters, and true love (with a healthy dose of grit, adventure & magic). My current genre is Dark YA Fantasy Retellings. I live and write in the shadow of the Wasatch Range with my awesome husband and my rambunctious wee bairns. 

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If you want a deeper dive…

I’m an old soul and I’ve been delighted that I am finally aging into my personality. My happiness is measured by how many blooms I can wrap my arms around at once. I love deep conversations, good coffee, cottage gardens, and having a house full of people and good food.

Writing has played a part in my life since childhood, though I didn’t become an author until my 30s. After years of avid reading, I started Iron Rose in high school. I went on to get a degree in Creative Writing, jaunted to New York to see if publishing life was for me (it wasn’t), then bounced to the Wasatch Range to see if my sisters were having fun without me (they were), so I settled there, lived out my own personal romcom, and eventually strong-armed a cute writer into marrying me.

I don’t know where I’d be without Wesley (the said cute writer). He saw me through the terrible years of querying and all the sodden heaps of rejections. And now that I am an author, he is the biggest cheerleader and best support through all the crazy changes this has brought for our whole family. As I always say: everyone should get themselves a Wesley. Not mine, though. That one’s taken.

When I’m not writing, I am raising my two kids, hanging out with that cute writer, gardening, playing boardgames or D&D with our friends, and interacting with music in all the ways.