Abigail O'Bryan


Iron Rose

no kiss can break this curse

A Grendel-like animal bent on overtaking the Beast's mind. A Beauty determined to dethrone a tyrant. The Tale as Old as Time as you've never experienced it before, perfect for fans of Brigid Kemmerer and Marissa Meyer.


There is no future for Lydia Brightwood.

The Crimson Lord, a tyrant bent on destroying Lydia’s country, made sure of that. Her only hope of a different life is to find the one person who could unite her country: a royal heir. There’s just one problem…

They’re all dead.


The Beast’s humanity is slipping away. 

Shut away from the world by a horrible secret, Adam watches the destruction of his homeland from the ruins of a fortress all the while holding the devastating truth in his chest:

It’s his fault.


Fates interwoven, Lydia and Adam’s paths cross in the ruins of the north where they must choose if they will fall to the curse or, together, rise to their destiny.


A dark, lush, and triumphant reimagining of Beauty and the Beast, Iron Rose is perfect if you love daring escapes, bloody battles, deep family bonds, love overcoming the odds, and a touch of old magic.


Coming August 6th to all major book outlets!

The Pack


Crimson soldiers march, hunger pulls its noose, and street packs wait thirsty in the shadows in this short story prequel to Iron Rose.

In a city where danger curls up from the very stones, two siblings scour the ravaged streets for their guardians— their only chance at having a family again. But when disaster strikes and her brother’s life hangs in the balance, Lydia vows to do whatever it takes to save him.

Even trust a street pack.

A dark, thrilling, and triumphant story of one girl’s rise beyond survival, The Pack is perfect if you love daring escapes, deep family bonds, gritty worlds, and characters who linger long after the last page.